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The world has, indeed gone digital. However, this does not take away the importance of print media in businesses today. Print design cannot be relegated in the development of a strong brand presence. 

There are still customers who relish the familiar, age-long experience of buying a new product, unboxing it and reading the pamphlet inside it to discover the engaging reports written inside. At Jimmy Mcgilchrist, we place the consumers at the very centre of our designs to ensure that they have the opportunity to relish carrying out those activities.

Product packaging makes things more organised. Product packaging design is the process of creating an exterior package for a product. It involves choosing graphics, colours and fonts, materials, form, the choice of wrappings, can, bottle box or other kinds of containers. The goal is to make the product presentable enough to catch the attention of the customers. 

Good packaging can draw customers to a product. For businesses based on products, the print design/packaging of the product creates an opportunity to impress customers. Making use of good copywriting and a thoughtful design can go a long way. At Jimmy Mcgilchrist, we develop a packaging design that is cost-effective and delightful to your customers.

We create business prints. In every business, the need for presentations, proposals, internal and external meetings arise. For effectiveness, there is a need to have templates available which are branded and can be utilised across those different functions. It builds trust and credibility for the business due to the consistency and professionalism and consistency it presents. We will create templates that are branded which can be used across those functions. 

The creation of visual communication methods for annual reports is one of the services we offer at Jimmy Mcgilchrist. A well-designed annual report is an excellent visual tool for the showcasing of the business’ end-of-year report. It can also be used in communicating the brand’s story through the year. A good design will please your investors and open up more opportunities and possibilities for business in the new year.

We will work with the data presented to us by your organisation. The content provided will be utilised by the experienced designers on our team to create a masterpiece that is easily readable and understandable. We take extensive data and funnel it into a concise and easy-to-understand design highlighting the most critical insights. This experience is enhanced and made useful through visual communication aids.

Other services on our list include the designing of brochure designs, business cards, invitation designs, presentation and pitch deck designs, booklet designs, branded stationery, display folder designs and banner designs for promotions. We have expert designers working with us to ensure that you get the best quality designs. We are also available to develop artfully-crafted and captivating designs geared towards the selling and marketing of properties.

As always, when you work with us at Jimmy Mcgilchrist, you can expect timely delivery of your designs.