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Jimmy Mcgilchrist & Our Community

With over 5 million people and still counting, Sydney is Australia’s largest city. Thanks to the city’s diversity and cosmopolitan nature, it is one of Australia’s best spaces for community life. And with community life comes the bustle and beauty of people and places. 

Jimmy Mcgilchrist shares a commitment to exploiting the beauty of community within Sydney’s environs. So, we bring alive the attraction of public spaces with beautiful designs. Inspired by nature and human excellence, our designs cut across several aspects of community life in Sydney.

Besides community life, Sydney is a one-stop destination for all types of tourist attractions. Merging the natural splendour of the city with human creativity is a goal Jimmy Mcgilchrist seeks to achieve. That’s why we bring the exterior spaces to life through the power of art and craft.

Jimmy Mcgilchrist also values community services. Thus, we support community providers through innovative designs, brand strategy and signage services. Our clientele includes not for profit organisations, medical, and educational institutions. 

Our community creative art and designs at Jimmy Mcgilchrist have several goals. We aim to bridge age gaps. With craft for Generation Z, millennials, and baby boomers, we foster inter-generational discussions. Besides, our art also hopes to drive appreciation for nature and community.

What Community Service Do We Offer?

Brand Strategy

We work to collaborate with community service providers to have a far-reaching impact. We commit ourselves to build a brand strategy and scaling brand image for these organisations.


We create harmonious designed art pieces on permanent surfaces – walls or otherwise. Murals may range from painting to mosaic work. For the community, our work cuts across abstract and community relevant styles. 


We’ve cut our teeth in wayfinding and signage for years. We offer the best visitor-friendly signs, both for interior and outdoor spaces. 


Our designs preserve memories—events, and people that make the community special deserve preservation. We offer the perfect designs to see to it that communities creatively immortalise what matters. 

Interactive Art

Draw community members into the beauty of art with the interactive pieces we offer. We design quality structures that can bring people into the world of community art. 

New Genre Art

We also provide all forms of new genre public art. We create community art in all its beauty by blending the internet, electric installations, and digital media. 

Why Choose Jimmy Mcgilchrist?

We can share your goals towards community development. Jimmy Mcgilchrist is built on people-centred policies. So, we are eager to take up projects that align with our mission.  

Moreover, with years of experience running into decades, we can offer contemporary and traditional designs. Our team also offers the best quality and competent client services.

Don’t kill that community concept within you. We work with civil organisations, government agencies, and private entities to design the best structures. We also offer the most versatile community-based craft ranging from street walls to signs on public spaces and brand designs.

Browse our portfolio of community work to spark your interest. You can always contact us to set your idea in motion. Consult with us today through our communication lines, and we’ll get to work.