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Jimmy Mcgilchrist & Brand Strategy

Businesses deal in the provision of services or the sale of products. Brands, on the other hand, offer consumers a thoroughly memorable experience. Notably, they bring to consumers a feeling and a lifestyle. Consumers and clients can build an impression through your brand and develop certain expectations from your company.

A well-defined and adequately executed brand strategy will impact every aspect of your business. We will draw up a long-term plan for the successful development of your brand and the achievement of your specific goals. Our approach to branding is “strategy first.” The strategy will efficiently address your consumer’s needs, emotions, and your brand’s competitive environment.

Customer behaviour shows that conscious buyers prefer to associate and patronise branded businesses because they form greater brand expectations. We take a consumer-centred approach in our strategising. We study current consumer behaviours, analyse their motivations and study their actions to understand what will make them your loyal customers.

The goal is to make a prospective client into a loyal customer. This aim involves the process of engaging customers. Consistent communication/messaging raises the likelihood of getting customer’s attention and maintaining that attention till they become loyal customers. A good strategy is necessary to avoid consumer fatigue.

We assist both new, start-up businesses hoping to build a new brand and bigger businesses, hoping to re-strategise and build their brand afresh. We offer a unique, efficient, and tailored brand strategy building process to suit you and your specific business needs.

We are ready to discuss with you and work with you to build a strategy that will work for you and your clients. Whether you already have a clear, in-depth understanding of your brand needs or you want us to work with you to discover it, we are available to provide insight and clarity. We will develop a unique, long-lasting brand together.

Our design process is informed and preceded by proper brand strategising, understanding the product or service you are offering, and your business’s operational structure.

We take our time to understand your brand visions and goals, the competitive market, the market and consumer behaviour. We utilise all this information to develop a unique plan that will set your business apart in the competitive market and develop a framework against which we develop your brand-identity designs.

Are you a start-up business? We are available to assist you in building a long-lasting, unique and vibrant brand. We will work with you to promote your brand’s launching and create the perfect visual representation of your values and personality as a business and defines your position in the competitive market.

Are you an existing brand? We are available to provide an analysis of your existing brand. We will carry out a study to determine your current brand’s needs and how it can best be revitalised through our rebranding process. In aspects that we discover have been effective, we will incorporate them while letting go of or remodelling aspects that haven’t worked.

Our services include:

  • Brand Style guides
  • Infographic Designs
  • Logomark Designs
  • Brand Naming
  • Secondary Brand Elements
  • Brand Creation
  • Illustrations
  • Logo Animation
  • Rebranding