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Jimmy Mcgilchrist & Brand and Logo Design

A brand identity is a combination of a unique symbol, sign, words and design that incorporates your business’s characteristics and showcases it to customers. We understand that your brand identity is a physical, visual representation of what your brand represents. It is the visual identity of your business.

It goes beyond just the logo. It is a manifesto containing your business or organisation’s goals, vision and values. This new identity is created and expressed through a combination of typography, shapes, colours, illustration or other visual elements.

The logo design is a unique visual graphic mark, symbol or emblem that enables public recognition and identification of a business or organisation. It is an identification symbol that helps your business to stand out in the competitive market. With this in mind, at Jimmy Mcgilchrist, we attach great importance to designing a logo that will wholly and accurately represent your business’ identity in the digital space.

Before we begin the process, we take our time to understand your business’ history and values. This knowledge is essential in ensuring that we cater to your specific needs. We bring out your existing designs and develop a visual design that portrays you to your clients.

We understand that brand and logo designing goes beyond just a pretty picture but portrays your business’s very identity, which includes the story of the brand, customer’s experiences with the brand, values, and goals.

At Jimmy Mcgilchrist, our goal is to develop a design that will enable your clients to cognitively connect to your brand, develop brand recognition, and become loyal customers. The brand design process can revitalise a business.

The rebranding process highlights the value of the current system, which is then accessed and evaluated. That value is not thrown away but is instead re-engaged in the new system developed to bring out the very best results.

Your business will be refreshed and re-energised by creating a distinct, informed and enduring visual identity that can reflect your brand values, goals and purpose accurately, and speak directly to your customers online and offline.

After we have completed the design job, we will provide you with a style-guide. This style guide will be your map for understanding and navigating your new and unique identity. The style guide will teach you to be consistent in your use of your visual elements and brand-mark.

Not only do we deliver quality work, but we also ensure that the job will be done promptly. When working with us, you can be sure that the design will be completed and delivered to you at the agreed time. At Jimmy Mcgilchrist, we stay dedicated to our commitment to you.

We will work with both start-up and existing businesses and organisations who wish to rebrand their business identity.

Our services include:

  • Brand Books
  • Logo Designs
  • Strategic Re-branding
  • Animation
  • Secondary Brand Elements
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Sub-brand Logo Designs
  • Infographic Designs
  • Brand Creation