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Jimmy Mcgilchrist Is a Top Creative Art and Design Company

Jimmy Mcgilchrist is a top creative art and design company in Sydney. For almost a decade now, Jimmy Mcgilchrist remains at the forefront of offering high-quality branding and design services across Sydney.

We provide practical design solutions to corporate bodies, community service providers, individuals, and government agencies.

What We Do

Brand Strategy

Our approach to branding is “strategy first.” The strategy will efficiently address your consumer’s needs, emotions, and your brand’s competitive environment. We take a consumer-centred approach in our strategising. We study current consumer behaviours, analyse their motivations and study their actions to understand what will make them your loyal customers.

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Brand and Logo Design

A brand identity is a combination of a unique symbol, sign, words and design that incorporates your business’s characteristics and showcases it to customers. We understand that your brand identity is a physical, visual representation of what your brand represents. It is the visual identity of your business. With this in mind, at Jimmy Mcgilchrist, we attach great importance to designing a logo that will wholly and accurately represent your business’ identity in the digital space.

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Digital Design

We live in an increasingly digitalised world, and as the world evolves, we evolve with it. We provide digital design services. We use prototyping, customer journey-sequencing, and user experience design to ensure that your website has an interface design that functions at optimum capacity.

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Our Clients


Print and Editorial

The world has, indeed gone digital. However, this does not take away the importance of print media in businesses today. At Jimmy Mcgilchrist, we place the consumers at the very centre of our designs to ensure that they have the opportunity to relish carrying out those activities.

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Wayfinding & Signage

At Jimmy Mcgilchrist, we understand that signs are the most effective tool in aiding navigation. And we do much more than navigation. We design signals that help commercial entities build brand image and improve customer satisfaction. It is our priority at Jimmy Mcgilchrist to help build an incredible customer experience.

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With over 5 million people and still counting, Sydney is Australia’s largest city. Jimmy Mcgilchrist shares a commitment to exploiting the beauty of community within Sydney’s environs. So, we bring alive the attraction of public spaces with beautiful designs. Inspired by nature and human excellence, our designs cut across several aspects of community life in Sydney.

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Our corporate services help businesses communicate ideas and goals to customers and stakeholders. To achieve this vision, we bring on digital instruments, human craft and print layouts to pass information. We also crunch the data into simple visuals for a broader interaction.

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Sydney is rich in cultural heritage and diversity. As a major tourist city, it draws a significant number of people over time. Without a doubt, the art and hospitality that Sydney offers help in tourist retention. At Jimmy Mcgilchrist, we work with players in the tourist and hospitality industry to deliver quality cultural art.

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Location : We are in Australia.